By Chris Williams, 1A Games Operations Manager 

We recently came across an article in the Wall Street Journal about how women now make up almost half of gamers. 

Out here in Maryland, this is a topic that has been going around the video game industry for some time. While the article in question is about video games, it certainly carries over into tabletop. We’ve seen an increased number of female gamers of all ages at Gen Con, and I’ve certainly seen the same at my local monthly gaming club. 

In Cross Hares: Training Ground, Jesse has included two distinctly female characters out of the six basic characters, with more to come in other character packs. There’s Carlie and Constance (basic characters), Teresa (upcoming in Team Play expansion pack), Krystal and Bambalam (two of the custom characters from the Kickstarter), and Yobee (from the Mystery Character pack – also unlocked by the KS project).

So out of 19 characters in total (six basic, four Mystery, four Custom, three (I think) team expansion, and two exclusive), there are six female characters. (We won’t count the robot, which is gender neutral.) That’s 33% female character representation!

Tide of Iron is also keenly aware of the contributions of women to the war effort, and we’ve tried to show that in some of the strategy cards. For more details, browse this photo album from our 1A Games Facebook page.