1A’s “Next Wave” version of Tide of Iron (TOI) does not change the original game system created by Fantasy Flight Games in 2006. The original FFG big box TOI core set is now out of print. 

1A’s Next Wave TOI will introduce new quick-start scenarios and use the same original core rules, but presented in a way that is designed to get you playing the game faster. The original FFG TOI and “Next Wave” 1A Games versions will be totally compatible (check out this quick explanation of the differences between the classic and Next Wave core sets).

What’s inside the “Next Wave” Tide of Iron core set

Next Wave Tide of Iron core set contents

Next Wave Tide of Iron core set has everything you need to play TOI and all of the expansions!

The new Next Wave TOI core set reprints the same tokens, same reference charts, etc., published originally by Fantasy Flight Games. It includes double-sided geomorphic map boards depicting French countryside, the same plastic pieces representing American and German infantry, and same German and U.S. tanks and armored half-tracks. Everything you need to fight World War Two tactical battles on a tabletop.

And 1A’s Next Wave TOI core set is totally compatible with the three existing FFG TOI expansions Days of the Fox, Normandy, and Fury of the Bear, as well as 1A’s new Stalingrad expansion.

With our new Next Wave/Tide of Iron Core Set & Stalingrad Expansion Kickstarter campaign, we are asking your support to help us produce a medium size box version of TOI that still has all of the map boards, cards, plastic pieces, etc., needed to play all four TOI expansions – including 1A’s new Stalingrad.

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