Tide of Iron: Next Wave – Introductory Scenarios:

Learn to play Tide of Iron in less than ten minutes with these two brand new scenarios! This booklet includes the basic rules of TOI in an easy-to-follow “programmed instruction” format. Each time you play through a scenario, you add a few more rules. Even if you’re a veteran player, it’s a great way to introduce your friends to the game.


Tide of Iron: Next Wave – Rules of Play:

This booklet covers the basic rules of how to play Tide of Iron, from the sequence of play to the detailed procedures for resolving combat. The Next Wave edition of the Rules of Play has been updated all the current FAQ and errata. Also, several sections have been revised for clarity and ease of use, particularly those covering assault attacks and Op Fire.

Tide of Iron: Next Wave – Tools of War:

This is the second half of the Next Wave Core Rules of Tide of Iron. Primarily a reference document, it covers all the details of infantry and vehicle special abilities; rules for terrain; and a guide to many of the specialization tokens in the game (including several from later expansions).


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