Thank you all for responding to our recent Tide of Iron polls. Your feedback is already helping us shape our plans for the Next Wave of TOI releases. Here is a summary of the results of the first poll through March 31 (shown visually in this percentage bar graph), and how we are going to use this data.

1. Should we change the current wording from “rounds” to the more standard term “turns” to mark the passage of time in a scenario?

Most of you want to keep the current wording for Game Rounds and Action Turns. However, your comments about this question also make it clear that you want to see those terms used more consistently throughout the rules. That is exactly what we will do. The terms Game Rounds and Action Turns will remain in the Next Wave rulebook unchanged but applied in a more consistent manner.

2. Should trucks remain in the game or be replaced with more combat vehicles?

It was very clear that you want to keep trucks in the game. However, comments to this question indicated that many of you have reservations about their ability to establish LOS (line of sight) for indirect fire and their ability to occupy Objective hexes. We share those concerns, and will address  those issues with thorough playtesting for the Next Wave rulebook and reference sheets.

3. Would you like to see facing rules for combat vehicles?

The vast majority likes the idea of adding vehicle facing rules to the game. However, since adding them to the core rules would increase the complexity of the game, most comments to this question asked that we include them only as optional rules. Also, we have already promised not to significantly change the way the core game plays. Thus, vehicle facing will be added as an advanced, optional rule only.

4. Would you like division cards added to future expansions (and reprints) that give each division special abilities?

Adding special division cards to the game is favored by a nearly 7-to-1 margin. Now, we are not talking about the 29th Infantry’s initiative card as used in the Normandy campaign expansion. This will be a much larger reference card containing some key history about the formation along with a number of special rules that will apply to its units in certain scenarios. After the Stalingrad expansion, division cards are planned for future campaign products, and as an optional element in regular games.

5. Should we keep the current large-sized base game box or change it to a smaller box, one that is the same size as the Fury of the Bear expansion game box?

Based on the poll results and feedback from our retailers, we will be keeping the large box for the base game. Many players like having the extra room for storing expansion components, and our retailers like the way that it helps customers distinguish between the core set and the expansions. Some of our overseas players are concerned about the shipping cost for the larger box. This is a legitimate concern, and we are considering a smaller base game box for overseas sales.

Pacific Theatre

We received comments regarding other issues as well. There is a lot of interest in new nationalities and units, including extending TOI to covering the Pacific Theatre. We are definitely planning on adding many more plastic figures to the system, starting with the Soviet T-70 light tank that will appear in the Stalingrad expansion this fall. And yes, we have been talking about the Pacific War in the office. No official release date yet, but we here at 1A Games unanimously agree that a Pacific expansion is definitely something we want to do.

Watch for future announcements!

Other important poll feedback

These are some other things that you asked for:

  • Quick Start scenarios
  • Campaign rules and scenarios
  • A random scenario generator, and
  • A solitaire system

We are already committed to improving the new player experience in the Next Wave, including good quick start scenarios. In fact, development has already begun on the quick start packet for the Next Wave version of the base game box. Stalingrad will include a linked series of campaign scenarios, and we will include more such campaign scenarios in future expansions. Support for solitaire play and various forms of scenario generation (points-based and/or random) are things that we want to do after we complete the Next Wave rulebook.

There was another comment that we received in this poll and on various forums. Many of you are concerned with scenario balance in some of the previous expansions. We agree that scenario balance needs to be addressed and are planning on reviewing all of the scenarios that have been published for TOI and revising them as necessary for both balance and historical accuracy, after we finish work on Stalingrad and get it off to the factory.

Existing TOI games will not be out of date

Finally, some of you are concerned that all of this new content will make the TOI products that you already own out of date. The Next Wave rules, reference charts, and scenarios will not obsolete the existing game rules. A new Next Wave player and existing players of TOI will continue to play the same game. Our purpose with Next Wave is to make the rules consistent, eliminate redundancies, clear up contradictions, and make a few adjustments that will be clearly marked “Next Wave” – for example, if there is a small difference in a unit’s stats between the original game and Next Wave, you can choose to continue to use the old stats. Game play will remain the same!

Thank you again for supporting us with your feedback. The two current polls will remain open until the end of April, so there is still time to give us your opinion. 

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