We are beginning a new regular feature here on the 1A Games website that we hope you all will enjoy. Fantasy Flight Games had produced a scenario generator for Tide of Iron which fans could use to create their own scenarios. Many of those fans have posted those scenarios on the FFG forums. We are going to be re-posting those scenarios on the 1A Games website, along with additional original scenarios.

The first scenario that we have for you is “The Grain Elevator” by Sander Gaastra. The fight for the grain elevator was one of the first indications that taking Stalingrad would not be easy for the Germans. On September 14, 1942, the 24th Panzer Division was ordered to attack the southern reaches of Stalingrad, capturing Railway Station No. 2. Next, they were to wheel north to take the railroad bridge over the Tsaritsa Gorge, linking up with the 71st Infantry Division. Meanwhile, the 94th Infantry Division was tasked with advancing north on the right flank and clearing Soviet resistance between the Volga and the railway station.

However, that plan was not so easy to execute, mostly due to the actions of fewer than eighty men. For three days without support, about thirty Soviet Guardsmen held the grain elevator just to the east of the railway station until joined by a machine gun platoon of eighteen sailors from the Naval Infantry Brigade. Lieutenant Andrey Khozyaynov, the commander of the machine gun platoon, describes their ordeal:

At dawn … enemy tanks and infantry, approximately ten times our numbers, launched an attack from the south and west. After the first attack was beaten back, a second began, then a third, while a reconnaissance “pilot” plane circled over us. It corrected the fire and reported our position. In all, ten attacks were beaten off on 18 September.


In the elevator, the grain was on fire, the water in the machine-guns evaporated, the wounded were thirsty, but there was no water. This is how we defended ourselves 24 hours a day for three days. Heat, smoke, and thirst – all our lips were cracked. During the day many of us climbed up to the highest points in the elevator and from there fired on the Germans; at night we came down and made a defensive ring round the building. We had no contact with other units.


Finally, on the night of September 20th, the exhausted Soviets decided to break out. After finding an abandoned German mortar battery with a cache of fresh water, the dehydrated Soviets drank their fill. Lt. Khozyaynov passed out, waking to find himself a prisoner of the Germans, the sole survivor of the defenders of the grain elevator.

Ready to play the Grain Elevator at Stalingrad scenario for Tide of Iron Stalingrad?


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