Klaus Fritsch is one of 1A Games’ trusted playtesters and will also be submitting a scenario for a later project. In April and May 2013 he ran playtests of the Tide of Iron: Stalingrad expansion.

An avid player of miniature war games, Klaus used 3D terrain that was ideal for testing TOI: Stalingrad. It offered important insights into line of sight issues, i.e., “Can I see that unit well enough to fire on it?” This helped us improve our line of sight rules.

The 3D terrain also gives you a better idea of where blind spots are behind buildings, something you can’t always see on 2D map boards.

In his report, available below and on Slideshare, Klaus does an excellent job using the 3D terrain to provide visual details that help people see the game board better.


[slideshare id=24871931&doc=stalingradplaytestreport-130802095146-phpapp02&w=650&h=500]