TD06 Fury of the Bear

A Tide of Iron expansion. The base game is needed to use this product.

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Tide of Iron Expansion: On June 22, 1941, the Germans launched Operation Barbarossa, an invasion of the Soviet Union that spanned an 1,800 mile front. Employing over 4.5 million troops, the attack targeted the territory up to Arkhangelsk and Astrakhan. If taken, the line between these two Soviet cities would mark the eastern border of the new Reich. The Germans would not only gain the territory’s resources, they would also secure a safe border to the East.
The Fury of the Bear expansion adds to Tide of Iron by allowing players to recreate Eastern Front confrontations between the invading Germans and the stalwart Soviet forces. Players can now fight in winter as well as summer as they push their tank columns towards enemy lines.
Fury of the Bear includes Soviet Army (Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army) infantry, plus Soviet T-34/76 and KV-1 tanks, SU-122 armored vehicles, U.S. M3A1 half-tracks in Soviet color (Lend-Lease), and Soviet 76.2mm and German 75mm anti-tank guns, eight scenarios including both winter and summer scenarios, 55 new cards including new Sabotage cards, and new munitions specializations for vehicles in Russia (1942-1944).

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