TD04 Designer Series

Volume One of the Designer Series. A Tide of Iron scenario book. The base game is needed to use this product.

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Tide of Iron Designer Series Volume One: We challenged the best wargame designers available to produce their most imaginative historical scenarios for Tide of Iron. The results are innovative, inventive, and inspired. Nineteen critically-acclaimed game designers created the scenarios for this book. The contributors include nine Origins Awards Hall of Fame inductees (chosen by the Academy of Adventure Gaming, Arts & Design), including John Hill (Squad Leader), Frank Chadwick (Command Decision), Richard Berg (Great Battles of History), Jack Greene (Destroyer Captain), Don Greenwood (Advanced Squad Leader), Ted Raicer (Great War in Europe), Vance von Borries (Barbarossa series), Joe Miranda (First Indochina War), and Mark Simonitch (Ardennes ‘44). Others include several generations of award-winning game designers such as John Prados (Third Reich), Mike Bennighof (Panzer Grenadier), Jack Radey (Korsun Pocket), Ulrich Blennemann (Drive to the Baltic), Chad Jensen (Combat Commander), Jason Matthews (Twilight Struggle), Rick Young (Fast Action Battle series), and more.
Tide of Iron: Designer Series Volume One includes 22 unique scenarios for Tide of Iron, including:
  • An epic sized scenario that uses two copies of Tide of Iron for a massive, multi-player game
  • Several scenarios using the incredible plastic pieces and boards from the Days of the Fox expansion
  • Many scenarios using the basic Tide of Iron game for 2-4 players
  • Scenarios varying from short, fast-playing contests to tough, tactical battles using multiple types of units, cards, and forces
  • Historical backgrounds and anecdotes for each scenario by the scenario designer
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