We love this game, too! Dana Lombardy and I have been involved with every Tide of Iron product since the first expansion, Days of the Fox in 2007. My overall vision is to take this game that I love and give it more support, give it more love.

Most of the changes we’re working on for the rules are primarily for ease of play, to allow newer players to get in faster. We’ve seen some newer players get frustrated and we want to give them an easier entry point so they’re more comfortable picking up the game and saying, “I can get into this!”

We want to start people off with introductory scenario, e.g., the basics of infantry combat, then add more details as you progress with the game. This way you can learn the basics, and then the next wave of rules will guide you through the next scenario, without getting overwhelmed.

Here is a brief list of other improvements we’re working on:

  • Make sure all the rules in each expansion work together
  • Use the correct historical designations on the scenario sheets (e.g., replacing generic “division 1” with Company A, 112th Infantry, 28th Division)
  • Improve historical accuracy of unit combat factors, e.g., differentiate between the many types and sizes of machine guns (one American machine gun weighed around 60 pounds, not including the ammo or the tripod it would be mounted on)
  • Create a set of advanced and optional rules to add more tactical nuances to game play
  • Make some of the strategy decks more specific to a nation and time period, e.g., early in the war versus late in the war, desert fighting versus combat in cities/towns
  • Create special division cards for as many divisions as possible since different divisions had different skills and specialties

These are some of the ideas we have so far for expanding the Tide of Iron game series. What do you think? Please contact us directly or connect with us on social media (links are at the top of the page). Thanks!