At the start of February we had a change in management here at 1A Games. The former Operations Manager, Dana Lombardy, stepped down to focus more on creative functions, and the Sales and Marketing Manager, Chris Williams, took over as the new Operations Manager. Soon after that, Chris had the 1A Games logo redesigned.

When asked why the change, Chris responded, “The old logo was a little muddled and didn’t say ‘1A Games’ to folks right away, so we wanted something which was immediately identifiable as ‘1A Games’ when people looked at it for the first time.” We’ve begun to replace the old logo with the new on website and various social platforms, and it will be featured on new games as we publish them.

The next thing which Chris did was to take a hard look at all the projects we have in the works right now – Tide of Iron: Next Wave, Cross Hares: Testing Ground, Richard H. Berg’s Confederate Rails, and America Divided: Gettysburg. That’s a lot for a small company still working to establish itself in the marketplace. Something had to give.

Unfortunately, that something was AD: Gettysburg. Based on our current production schedule, and the size of our company, Chris decided that three game lines – Tide of Iron, Cross Hares, and our railroad games – were enough for the time being, and based on our current production schedule AD: Gettysburg would not have been produced until 2015. Rather than keep the game from coming to the market for an indefinite period of time, 1A Games has returned control of the game to its creators – John Hill and Todd Davis – so that they can pursue other publishing options.

We at 1A Games are sorry to be unable to bring AD: Gettysburg to market, but we are preserving the America Divided product line and will be exploring new American Civil War-related games we can produce in the future.