By Chris Williams, Operations Manager

Miniature Wargames magazine has been around for more than 30 years. I remember carrying it when I worked in distribution back in the late 80s.  

Tabletop miniature wargaming seems to be more widespread in Europe, and in the UK in particular, than it is here in the US. Catering to that crowd of hard-core historical tabletop miniature wargamers, I don’t think MW reviews our kind of games very often. 

That’s why it was a huge honor when they contacted us and asked for a review copy of Tide of Iron. The fact that they loved it is even better. And I quote:

“…if you’re looking for high paced, gun blasting barrels of fun with high production values, I highly recommend picking this up.”

Not only did they write a glowing review in their latest issue 385 (May 2015), they presented us with this Battlegames Award for Excellence.award_for_excellence-50mmWe’re so thrilled the team at Miniature Wargames rated Tide of Iron so highly, and we hope their readers enjoy it just as much.

Play on!