1A Games Product Manager Bill S. Jaffe and Chief Game Developer Craig Robertson have taken us behind the scenes of a replay of the “Iron Horsemen” scenario from the Stalingrad expansion. This final post takes us through the final three rounds.

Game Round Three:

Craig (Germans): Noooooooo…Damn you, Göring!!! “Fliegerkorps VIII” let me down! With half of Bill’s Soviets in the open, I thought I could do some serious damage with an airstrike. So I rolled a “6” for contact, well above the “4” that I needed, designated my three target hexes (including his fresh SMG squad from his reinforcements), and rolled four dice to be applied equally against all the hexes. So what do I do? Roll absolutely zero hits! AND waste three command that would have been extremely useful for purchasing either “Flamethrower Support” or “Stormwedge.” I knew I should have stayed in bed this morning. The rest of the turn basically consisted of moving my reinforcements forward and doing very little damage to the Soviets. Of course, now I have to worry about Bill’s “Flame Fougasse” counter, which is sitting right in front of the center building.

Iron Horsemen Scenario - Luftwaffe

Absolute proof that Craig sucks at rolling air attacks!

Bill (Soviets): The two squads of Division 2 that were sitting in the open survive the big German air attack as Craig misses with every single attack die. The Division 1 SMG unit moves back to the one-story building on 45B along with a squad from Division 2. The other squads move into position including two squads to reinforce the Command Objective building. I place the “Flame Fougasse” token between the Command Objective building on 45B and the nearest German-occupied building on 48B, facing towards direction 3 on the north directional marker. Finally, my troops exchange fire with the Germans, causing casualties to both sides. However, the Germans take it slightly worse. In the command phase I draw “Turret Salvage” (useless) and “Sniper Attack” (useful).

Iron Horsemen Scenario - End of Round 3

Positions at the end of Game Round 3. The red stars indicate clear hexes threatened by the Flame Fougasse marker.

Game Round Four:

Bill (Soviets): Both sides move into position for the final round, exchanging casualties. Although the Soviets lose lots of units and a couple squad bases, the MG unit is still intact and SMG squad still exists. I placed it outside of the center objective building in the open. That was a big mistake, as was not dismounting the mounted unit. The Germans have actually suffered more casualties, but they are in a better position. In the Command phase I draw the “Vassili Zaitsev” card.

Craig (Germans): An ugly, ugly round. The Soviets were able to lay down a heavy fire, killing no less than ten German figures and eliminating two full squad bases. I advanced a heavily reduced squad to a hex adjacent to the objective, to recon the second “Flame Fougasse” hex, but they didn’t trip it. Of course, they were blasted by the Soviets with direct fire, but at least I ruled out ONE possible hex. Yay!? On the plus side, I’ve weakened the Russians a bit, but not nearly enough. My only hope right now is the “Flamethrower Support” card that I just purchased. Unfortunately, Bill still has the initiative for the last Game Round. This can only get uglier.

Iron Horsemen Scenario - End of Round 4

Positions at the end of Game Round 4. The red stars indicate clear hexes threatened by the Flame Fougasse marker, and the green star indicates the hex just cleared by the German scouts.


Iron Horsemen Scenario - German Casualties

Martyrs for the Fatherland.

Game Round Five:

Bill (Soviets): I forgot to place the MG squad in Op Fire, so the Germans can move and assault freely (damn!). The Germans eliminate the SMG squad in the open and they assault the Command Objective building. By rolling nine misses in response to his attack, my two squads are ejected. Due to bad positioning and forgetting to dismount the mounted squad, I’m left with no units available to assault and retake the building so the Germans win.

Craig (Germans): Truly a miracle has occurred this day! After taking some more fire from the Soviets, I finally got to act. I started by taking out his last SMG troops with my mortar. Then I ordered the first assault. Since “Flamethrower Support” can be used more than once per turn, but not more than once per combat, I planned to attack in waves, with individual squads performing Assault actions in sequence.

Fortunately, Bill didn’t put his MG in Op Fire, and I was able to bypass the “Flame Fougasse” due to the valiant sacrifice of my soldiers last round. I sent my strongest squad in first, rolling four hits on eight dice. Then the miracle happened: Bill rolled absolutely NO hits on NINE dice! I was shocked, but relieved. After that, it was just a matter of reinforcing the building’s new garrison. At that point, we called the game, since Bill had only two unactivated units, neither of which could assault.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this replay as much as we enjoyed the game! Check out the Stalingrad expansion in the 1A Game store.