Scenario and blog post by Bill Jaffe, 1A Games product manager 

The Guards Counterattack scenario came about for two purposes. The first was to honor John Hill for his great introductory scenario in the award-winning classic board game Squad Leader. The second reason was to give TOI Stalingrad a different introductory scenario that gives the players more of the street fighting experience of Stalingrad. 

I have been wanting to translate some of John Hills Squad Leader scenarios to TOI for a long time and was glad when he graciously gave his permission for me to do this. Look for more of these in the future! 

Guards Counterattack takes place in early October 1942. The Germans were closing in on the tractor works, with their assault engineer teams leading the way. The Soviets needed to slow down the pace of the advance so they could finish building more tanks in the factory. The Soviets were watching the trailing German units who were following up the engineers, and at the same time they were secretly bringing the 37th Guards division up to the lines to counterattack and isolate the lead German units.

German soldiers take positions in the battle zone factory “Red October” at Stalingrad [3] 

This Soviet counterattack occurred on the 6th of October and caught the German 389th Infantry regiment by surprise, as they were not expecting a fresh Soviet formation to be present and have enough strength to potentially overwhelm them. In the tradition of the brutal fighting that went on in Stalingrad, the Guards division had a lot of early success and were steadily forcing the German infantry back.

Column of Soviet soldiers are to new positions in Stalingrad.

This scenario represents a part of that struggle and the victory conditions are set to force the Soviet player to attack and push hard for the victory as they knew that when it came, the German counterblow was going to be harsh and powerful.

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