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Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) and 1A Games today announced a long-term licensing deal under which 1A Games will produce Tide of Iron, along with its current and future expansions.

Tide of Iron is a product line that has been near and dear to FFG’s heart for years,” said Christian T. Petersen, CEO of Fantasy Flight Games. “It is one that has deserved more attention and energy than FFG’s other commitments has allowed us to give it. With best intentions for the product and its avid fans in mind, we looked for a realistic way to make this product flourish. Fortunately, we didn’t have to look very far. Dana Lombardy and Bill Jaffe have been involved with every Tide of Iron product since the first expansion, Days of the Fox, and extending a long-term Tide of Iron master license to their new company, 1A Games, should be an ideal fit. I’m looking forward to where they and the rest of the 1A crew will take the game, and I’m thrilled for the players who should now see a new commitment to move Tide of Iron into an exciting future.”

“We are honored and delighted to be chosen as the licensee for the Tide of Iron product line,” noted Dana Lombardy, Chief Creative Officer for 1A Games. “Bill Jaffe and I are big fans of FFG, and have enjoyed working on the Tide of Iron line for the past six years. This is a tremendous opportunity.”

1A Games refers to its upcoming Tide of Iron products collectively as the “Next Wave,” and they plan to begin with the fall 2013 release of Stalingrad, a major expansion. Stalingrad is scheduled to be the first of several exciting releases.

As of March 13, 2013, all restock orders and Tide of Iron-related questions should be directed to 1A Games.

For further information:

Fantasy Flight Games

Mark Pollard 
Phone: (651) 639-1905

1A Games

Kris Miller 
Phone: (510) 869-9941 

About Fantasy Flight Games:

Roseville, Minnesota’s Fantasy Flight Games is a publisher of board, card, miniatures, and roleplaying games. Founded in 1995 by Christian T. Petersen, Fantasy Flight has published hundreds of successful titles, including Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game, the Lord of the Rings series of board games; board and card games based on H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos and George R. R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones, and many original board games such as Twilight Imperium, Runebound, and Descent: Journeys in the Dark.

About 1A Games:

1A Games was established in order to carry on the Tide of Iron board game series originally created by Fantasy Flight Games. 1A also plans to develop a series of railroad games (hence the military and railroad motifs in the 1A logo). In addition, 1A acquired the rights to Lombardy Studios and will publish a series of history books under that imprint that will complement and support the game lines.