By Craig Robertson, Chief Game Developer

First of all, I want to offer our Kickstarter supporters a huge thanks for stepping up. We are currently over 2/3rds funded. Of course, there are no guarantees, so please keep spreading the word to new folks who might be thinking about getting into TOI as well as the TOI fans who haven’t heard about the Kickstarter yet.

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Since many of you have expressed interest in seeing TOI cover the Pacific Theater, I wanted to give you an idea of how we at 1A Games are thinking in terms of Pacific expansions. Yes, I said “expansions.” The Pacific was not a single, monolithic event. The war in the Pacific was fought in a number of different stages, and each one deserves its own treatment.

First, there is are the early series of Japanese victories in the Pacific, including the Philippines, Wake Island, Singapore, and a large chunk of China. The Japanese established air superiority, had dedicated naval support, and were fresh and fairly well-equipped. The Allies were generally totally surprised and unprepared for the Japanese onslaught. This expansion would probably feature jungle and beach terrain, as well as the core Japanese forces, including tanks.

Secondly, there are the early stages of the Allied response, particularly in the Solomon Islands, including Guadalcanal. This expansion would feature the island-hopping campaign and would introduce the USMC in all it’s glory. I would love to be able to do a series of maps which would, when put together, cover an entire small island, accompanied by a campaign game which covers the battle from first landing to final mopping-up.

Finally, there is the final stage of the war, featuring the Japanese dug into caves complexes in very difficult terrain. This expansion would cover places like Saipan, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, and Peleliu. Obviously, rules would have to be included for spider holes and caves, as well as new maps to cover the unique terrain featured in those battles.

Of course, all this is preliminary, and not THE official announcement of the TOI Pacific War expansions. The final products will be Kickstarted early in the development phase, and features such as the number of maps, figures, and scenarios will be determined in part by your support for those Kickstarter projects. Whatever the end result, we will make sure that the Pacific gets covered with the same high-quality that you’ve come to expect from Tide of Iron.

You can find the TOI Next Wave Core Set Kickstarter here: