Here is a sneak peek at the four Custom Characters that were designed as part of the Kickstarter for Cross Hares: Testing Ground.

Abe is a Savannah Cat Samurai. Armed with a katana which he wields with deadly skill in combat, his Character Advantage is that he may carry up to six cards in his hand without need of any Item or Specialty.

Cross Hares Kickstarter Custom Character Abe
Bambalam is a Ragdoll Cat Tracker. She wields twin pistols, and her Character Advantage (the voices in her head) allows her to look at the Strong Hold card she just drew before she discards from her hand.

Cross Hares Custom Character Bambalam

Krystal is a disillusioned Scientist from the Regime on a quest for answers. She brings an array of Rigged Gear which she can drop as nasty surprises for the other players. Her bag of tricks includes an Electric Prong, a Pulse Signal, and a Spy Camera.

Cross Hares Custom Character Krystal

Mr. B is a Prairie Dog Scavenger who has one simple rule: Take What You Can. He has two ‘curses’ which he can inflict upon his opponents: the Stench of Fear and the Fear of Gain.

Cross Hares Custom Character Mr. B

Obviously, we’re not telling you everything about these guys, but don’t worry – you’ll be able to get the set of all four Custom Characters once the game comes out.