1A Games is NOT changing the Tide of Iron (TOI) core game rules with its Next Wave of Tide of Iron. In addition, the Next Wave starter set will still have all of the plastic pieces, map boards, cards, etc., you need to play existing TOI expansions (like Normandy) and our new Stalingrad expansion too.

Here are the differences between the classic Fantasy Flight Games TOI base game (which is now out of print) and 1A Game’s Next Wave TOI starter set (scheduled for March 2014 release):

Classic Tide of Iron and Next Wave Tide of Iron box covers

Comparing the Next Wave Tide of Iron Starter Set and the Classic Tide of Iron base game

1) Size: The Next Wave TOI starter set will come in a smaller, more budget-friendly box (currently there are no plans to offer the “super sized” packaging of the original TOI game).

2) Components: The Next Wave TOI starter set will have the same map boards, same cards, same dice, etc., as the classic big box edition.

3) Quick-Start Scenarios: 1A’s Next Wave TOI starter set edition will include several new, simple quick-start scenarios that enable you to learn how to play the game quickly or teach it to someone in less than an hour.

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