By Chris Williams and Craig Robertson

Last year was a huge year for us at 1A Games. First of all, we released Stalingrad, the first new expansion for Tide of Iron in two years. Secondly, we previewed Cross Hares: Testing Ground at GenCon, with very positive results. Finally, we began working with two legends of the wargame industry to publish their games. This week, we want to focus on Cross Hares: Testing Ground, by artist Jesse Labbé.

Cross Hares: Testing Ground box cover

Cross Hares: Testing Ground

We cannot begin this post without a HUGE thank you to all of our supporters and fans who made the Cross Hares: Testing Ground Kickstarter such a success. At final count, 649 backers pledged $52,978 to make Cross Hares: Testing Ground a reality. That is over 300% of our original goal for the project! Along the way, you completely blew through four different stretch goals, adding three different expansions to the series. That means that instead of one game, you funded the core game plus two expansions and a booster which allows for cooperative play.

Cross Hares: Testing Ground: For those of you who haven’t heard of Cross Hares, it is a beautiful game by artist Jesse Labbé featuring brave bunny adventurers exploring a world in peril. We like to think of it as Watership Down with zombies and artillery! The first game in the Cross Hares line is for two to four players, and comes with everything you need to play:

  • 6 basic characters with game cards and stand-up tokens.
  • Fully illustrated rulebook.
  • Illustrated light novel of short stories with character backgrounds and world information.
  • 5 double-sided Adventure cards.
  • Mounted game board.
  • 3 decks of cards.
  • 3 dice and all the tokens you’ll need.

In addition to this, thanks to your generous support of the Kickstarter, each boxed game will include six plastic playing pieces for the bunnies (in addition to the cardboard stand ups). Also, this first print run of the game will include four additional Mystery Characters and an additional double-sided Adventure card. Each of the games in this first print run will be labeled “Kickstarter Edition.” Future print runs will not be so labeled nor will they include the four mystery characters or the double-sided adventure card. Look for it in stores this spring. 

Cross Hares Co-Op Booster: Coming this summer, this expansion pack will feature a new way to play Cross Hares: Testing Ground. Now you’ll be able to play in teams of two characters each or expand your game to include eight players. The Booster will include: 

  • Three new characters with reference sheets and tokens.
  • Rules for co-operative play.
  • A new deck of 55 cards.
  • New dice for use in your game.
  • Two more plastic playing pieces (for a total of eight).
Cross Hares COOP Booster Cover

Farcut: Valley of Ticks
and Sazou: City of Crows Expansions: These two large expansions will allow you to explore two individual regions on the CH:TG map in detail. Look for Farcut: Valley of Ticks in the summer, and Sazou: City of Crows this fall. Each will contain the following to add to your CH:TG games:

  • 4 new characters, along with their stand ups and necessary tokens.
  • 55 new cards.
  • 2 dice.
  • 2 new adventure cards.
  • A new board to explore.
Cross Hares Valley of Ticks cover
As awesome as all that is, we haven’t even begun to discuss what we have in store for you TOI fans out there, not to mention those of you who love historical board games. The next installment of our 2014 preview will feature two legends of gaming, and also explain why there’s a train track on our logo!