“Our first trade show was a tremendous success,” said Bill Jaffe, Product Manager for 1A Games. “Feedback from game store owners and managers was very positive. Everyone who stopped at our booth was happy that 1A plans to support and grow the Tide of Iron series of board games.”

1A announced that the new Stalingrad expansion, started by Fantasy Flight Games, will be finished by 1A. It is now in production so it can be released in September. Preview copies will be displayed and sold at Gen Con.

By early summer, fans of Tide of Iron should see Quick Start scenarios and special promo cards from 1A Games at their local game stores. Bill Jaffe is supervising a review of all of the FAQs and rules questions in order to provide a consistent, integrated rulebook as part of the “Next Wave” re-launch of Tide of Iron by 1A.

Fans are encouraged to participate in the TOI polls now running on the 1A Games web site: www.1agames.com.