Crowds of owners and managers of retail stores swarmed the exhibit hall today at the Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA) 2013 Trade Show (GTS) at the Bally’s Casino in Las Vegas. They came to meet with the companies that make the games and accessories to find out what’s new, what’s coming, and what’s exciting so that they can tell their customers. 1A Games exhibited for the first time at GTS and the response was gratifying.

“While we must have a strong online presence for the fans, it is also essential that we place our books and Tide of Iron line of products in the stores that sell games and books,” explained Kris Miller, Sales and Marketing manager for 1A Games. “That’s why we came to GTS, to meet with the stores and distributors from around the world that have helped make Tide of Iron the popular board game it is.”

At GTS, the 1A team has been explaining the following important plans for the Tide of Iron series:

  1. The existing TOI products will not be made obsolete – if a gamer already owns the TOI base game and expansions, they will be able to play the new expansions and products designed by 1A Games.
  2. Fan feedback in the polls now running on the 1A website indicate that there is a desire for consistency in the FAQs and rules across the base game and four expansions. This will be done and made available as a free download.
  3. Fan feedback also indicated that some of the scenarios could be better balanced. These, too, will be fixed and made available as free downloads.
  4. New Quick Start scenarios will be introduced to enable new players to learn TOI faster and teach others how to play.
  5. The new Stalingrad expansion started by Fantasy Flight Games will be finished by 1A and is now in production so it can be released in September.

The 1A staff has one more day at GTS and then returns to Oakland, California, where the company is based.