By Craig C. Robertson, Chief Game Developer

As we mentioned in the first part of our 2014 preview, we at 1A Games have had the honor to work with two of the biggest names in wargaming. These gentlemen happen to be none other than Richard Berg and John Hill. In chronological order of their release, here is a preview of their games:

Confederate Rails, by Richard Berg

One of the passions of William W. Jaffe, our president and CEO, is railroad games. Thus, as can be seen by the inclusion of train tracks in our logo, making railroad games has been our plan from the beginning. For our first railroad release, we are happy to announce that we will be releasing an updated version of Confederate Rails by Richard Berg, the Pope of Wargaming. As most of you may know, Mr. Berg has designed more than 140 published games over the last forty years. They include such classics as Successors, SPQR, Pax Romana, and Men of Iron.

Confederate Rails simulates the challenges faced by the Confederate railway system as it attempted to move freight and supply the Rebel armies under constant pressure from the advance of the Union. Unlike most railroad games in which you build a railroad system from the ground up, in Confederate Rails you are trying to make timely deliveries on a rail network that is slowly crumbling under your feet. The new 1A Games edition will include new board and card art, and updated game play. Look for it on Kickstarter in March 2014.


America Divided: Gettysburg, by John Hill and Todd Davis

We are also very excited to be working with John Hill, the award-winning designer of Johnny Reb and Squad Leader. This year he returns to the Civil War with America Divided: Gettysburg, which allows you to play all three days of the battle without having to have an empty two-car garage or a free four-day weekend in order to finish it. Extremely playable while still being realistic enough to satisfy ACW enthusiasts, the game has the scope of a monster game, without the monster price.

In addition to just being fun, the board and counter art by Todd Davis is simply gorgeous. Each hex measures over an inch across, and the counters are large, uncluttered, and easy to read. No more breaking out the tweezers and magnifying glass when you set up the game. For more information, you can see an early playtest report here: Look for the America Divided: Gettysburg Kickstarter this summer.


Next time: Don’t worry, Tide of Iron has not been forgotten. Next time we will look at what 2014 has in store for TOI fans and we will announce the results of the TOI Pacific poll.