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About 1A Games

1A Games was established in order to carry on the Tide of Iron board game series originally created by Fantasy Flight Games and licensed to 1A in 2013 [read the press release]. 1A also plans to develop a series of railroad games (hence the military and railroad motifs in the 1A logo). In addition, 1A acquired the rights to Lombardy Studios and will publish a series of history books under that imprint that will complement and support the game lines.

1A Games Staff

William W. Jaffe, President/CEO
“Bill Senior” has a 30-year career in software and systems engineering, with 20 years in the Federal sector. He is an avid gamer, known for his impressive collection, knowledge of the game industry, and support of the 18xx railroad games.
William S. Jaffe, Product Manager
“Bill Junior” worked for 17 years in sales with Zocchi Distributors and ACD Distribution. A familiar face at many game industry conventions, he is a respected playtester and designer of historical scenarios.
Chris Williams, Operations Manager
Chris has game industry retail and wholesale experience, was the publisher of Vortext magazine, has been a freelance writer for several game companies, and is excited be part of the 1A team.
Mark Schumann, Production & Art Director
Mark is a print production specialist and graphic designer, with two decades of experience. At R. Talsorian Games in the 1990s he designed books, managed Castle Falkenstein and Mekton Zeta, and received an Origins Award for Six-Guns & Sorcery.
Craig Robertson, Chief Game Developer
Craig was such a great help on Stalingrad, we decided we needed him to be part of the 1A team.
Seth Crofton, Digital Products Manager
Seth has worked as a Producer, Developer, and Project Manager on numerous digital properties and physical merchandise ventures and is creating special trans-media projects for 1A Games.